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04/23/2017Pastor David Shaffer Sir, We Would See Jesus
Sunday Morning - John 12:12-21
Download 170423AM_Sir_We_Would_See_JESUS.mp3
08/28/2016Pastor David Shaffer Another Commandment of Love
Sunday Morning - 1 John 2:15-17
These Three: Faith, Hope, and Love A Study in I John
160828AM_Another_Commandment_of_Love.txt Download 160828AM_Another_Commandment_of_Love.txt
Download 160828AM_Another_Commandment_of_Love.mp3
08/21/2016Pastor David Shaffer For Every Stage of Life
Sunday Morning - 1 John 2:12-14
These Three: Faith, Hope, and Love A Study in I John
160828AM_For_Every_Stage_of_Life.txt Download 160828AM_For_Every_Stage_of_Life.txt
Download 160821AM_For_Every_Stage_of_Life.mp3
07/03/2016Pastor David Shaffer Pride in America
Sunday Morning - Deuteronomy 4:7,8
Download 160703AM_Pride_in_America.mp3
05/01/2016Pastor David Shaffer Arise and Go
Sunday Morning - Acts 8:26-37
Download 160501AM_Arise_and_Go_edit.mp3
07/12/2015Pastor David Shaffer HIS Name is JEALOUS
Sunday Morning - Exodus 20:1-7
Series on Worship
Download 150712AM_HIS_Name_is_JEALOUS.mp3

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